Yoga Poses to Improve Balance and Stability

Yoga Poses to Enhance Stability


Experiencing Yoga Poses is an ancient practice for the health and energy of the physical and soul. It consists of a sequence of poses referred to as Asanas which incorporates monitored breathing practices and control.

There are a multitude of poses for one to try and you can climb up the challenge ladder through combining certain poses into flows collectively and maintaining for longer use.

Achieving perfection is a desirable outcome while practicing yoga and experiencing the Asanas. One should usually try to perfect the high-quality of the movements as opposed to the frequency or the amount.

Yoga is a technical flow of movements and has been verified to have significant fitness benefits, such as:

  • Flexibility
  • Power
  • Muscle and bone health
  • Cardiovascular and prevention of coronary heart disease
  • Improving the durability of life
  • Developing balance and stability that can prevent falls as we age
  • Meditation to assuage the soul and provide one awareness and focus of thoughts
  • Relief from typical aches and pains
  • Weight reduction
  • Alertness, attention, and consciousness
  • Posture

and plenty more


How Yoga Improves Balance

In this article, we will discuss how yoga facilitates in enhancing stability in those practicing this beneficial process. It pinpoints the core power of the muscle groups and desired impact.

Chair Pose

For beginners, it may seem difficult as it’s a gradual process that can take a number of steps and attempts till one achieves perfection.  It is also noteworthy to say that accomplishing perfection in these poses can deliver a wealth of personal pride at reaching something so extraordinary, which, of course, is simply another advantage of working towards this ancient and enormous process.

There are a significant number of poses which aid in enhancing balance. Some of which are typical poses to be tried standing up.  The easiest of them is the seemingly awkward Chair Pose wherein the knees are bent, and the frame is bent slightly ahead. One has to hold the pose for a while and revert to your ordinary position. This should be repeated a few instances in each sitting.Yoga Pose Eagle

A more challenging variant resulting from this pose is the Eagle Pose or the Garudasana. in this, one leg wraps around the opposite one within the bent position. After balance is attained, the arms too wrap around each till the hands face each other and touch.  Maintain that pose until you complete five repetitions of gradual breathing.  This pose is one of the most challenging, but, can achieve significant rewards in the long run. It exercises many physical areas, increases awareness and improves stability.


Additional Poses For Stability

The following asana to be tried in the yoga balance structure is the Tree Pose which many are acquainted with. It consists of bringing one leg up the inside thigh of the opposite, preferably without the use of palms and clasping the fingers together in front of your body.  Some other versions has the arms stretched upward and the hands touching above the head.



Whichever version you attempt, you must maintain the position for 10 seconds or 5 breaths, whichever is greater. This is not only most effective in improving stability but also offers you flexibility and agility. The thigh muscle groups also are exercised, and center power is ignited.


No balance workout is whole without trying any of these 3 Yoga Poses

One is the King Dancer Pose or the Natarajasana wherein one stretches both palms and legs in an outward position and keeps your balance even as targeting the core muscle groups and hands, hips, belly, and thighs.

Some other model of this pose is the Warrior III Pose which although requiring less stability, challenges more forcefully on the center muscle mass and building elements.

The ultimate is the Standing Split Pose in which the body and arms are bent forward seeking to touch the floor and then the foot followed with the knee, however having one leg up in the air.  A challenging pose effective at delivering strength, balance, and power.

All the poses required above require practice and persistence and the right guidance from a qualified yoga instructor or program.Warrior Pose

Doing yoga on a regular basis is the most effective manner to nurture and perfect stability as a way to enhance your life and aging process.

Take a moment to investigate pictures of advanced yoga poses, and you will be surprised at what some of the advanced yogis can do!


Getting Started in Yoga Poses

You can look up all the poses online as there are lots of videos available for beginners and advanced practitioners.

There also are many yoga DVD workout packages on the market that you can use in the comfort of your office or home.  Here’s a terrific course that teaches the basics of yoga poses, complete with books, examples and 21 instructional videos.21 day yoga challenge

Also, there are yoga studios in just about every small town and village in the world.  Instruction is provided with the guidance of a live instructor and class participants to share the experience.

As you step into the world of yoga and are trying the numerous poses (asanas), keep in mind to move slow and to maintain your breathing. The yoga poses certainly will enhance your balance and lead you in the direction of a journey to a more fit, healthier and longer life.


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