Yoga Pose-Tiger (Vyagrasana) Pose To Tone And Remove Fat From Hip,Thigh And Back

The tiger pose or Vyagrasana pose was designed by yogis after carefully observing the way the tiger deals with the food. Performing it makes the digestive system stronger and tones the muscles of the abdomen, which in turns burns off excess fat and trims the waist. Striking tiger is a variation of the cat pose that involves a balance, provides a diagonal body stretch and builds core stability. It also steps up the bone loading element of the traditional cat pose.
If you overheat , the performance of both the body and the mind is impaired because the the body had to deal with breaking down and absorbing the extra food. Performing the tiger pose gives the body a helping hand to remove any foods and liquids it does not require. If you practice the tiger pose at least once a week you will notice a difference in the shape of your abdomen and hips, your sexual organs and back will fell stronger and your posture and stamina will improve.


How To Do:

Try to keep the head, neck and spine in alignment eyes looking down and hips level. It may help visualize the hip bones as a pair of car headlights, both beaming down to the mat.

stay in the all 4 ‘s position and now bring the right leg under the hips by bending the tip of the nose of the head, which is bent towards the knee while inhaling. simultaneously arch the back up. The right foot should not touch the floor.

Do diaphragmatic breathing with attention

Exhale while releasing the leg to the floor

Repeat this practice 3 times or more and then proceed with the left leg


Builds strength in wrists and arms.

Strengthens abdominal muscles and back.

Develops core stability

Encourage inner focus

Massages the spinal column and tones the spinal nerves.

Tones the thighs and buttocks.

Beat back pain.

Reduces weight from the hips and thigh.

Stimulates blood circulation.

Tones up the vaginal passage after the child delivery.

Loosens up the legs.

It helps in proper digestion.

This asana helps in eliminating excess gas in the stomach. Single leg raise is performed in order to prepare the body for other exercises.

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