Yoga Pose Effective For Weight Loss- Camel Pose

The reason power yoga works so well for weight loss is because of its basis in ancient yogic principles combined with modern day practices. Yoga, in general, helps to maintain a healthy body, mind, as well bone structure, eliminating some of the basic problems that all of us face . Combined with vigorous activity, it is one of the most effective weight loss options available today.

Ustrasana(Camel Pose)
In this asana you bend until the shape of your body resembles that of a camel. Usta means camel in Sanskrit. This pose is recommended for beginners as well as for the elderly, because the balance of the final pose is relatively easy to attain.This asana helps people in sedentary occupations, whose work entails bending forward for long periods. Practicing regularly will relieve stiffness in the back , shoulders and ankles.

The Camel Pose is highly valuable for weight loss since it effects tummy , thighs and back -that’s actually three most problematic part of the body having persistent fat. it also widens lungs and chest, improves flexibility of chest, neck and abdomen, and inspires thyroid and strengthens your back muscles.
Sit on your feet keepimg calves and knees close together.

How To Do?

Start with knees on floor and maintain 6 inches of space between knees and feet.
support spine by placing hands on back of hips with fingers pointing down.
Keep elbows drawing in towards one another and let shoulder roll back.
Inhale while lifting chest and exhale while dropping .
Inhale again while lifting chest, use hands to support spine, and exhale while arching torso back farther.
Keep chest lifted througout pose to minimize compression in lower back
Ensure that hips are forward and lined up above the knees .
Maintain tight grip on feet so you push hips forward.
Keep arching spine back and work hips forward while lengthening tailbone down toward floor.
If you are feeling anxiety relax and breathe. Breathing can help you go more deeply into pose.
do this for 30 seconds minimum and return to the primary position.

This position is beneficial to burn fat in any area of the body.
This posture stretches the throat ant stretches the thyroid and parathyroid glands.
it also firm and slims the abdomen and waist line.
camel pose creates maximum compression in your spine, stimulating the nervous system while improving the flexibility of your neck and spine.
It helps in fortifying you back muscles and even offers the individual who some assistance with wishing to make biceps and triceps.
It enhance digestion
It stimulates organs of the abdomen and neck
It extend the rib confine
It enhances blood course to cerebrum
amel pose helps cure constipation

Camel pose work in a subtle manner to improve endocrine, respiratory, lymphatic, circulatory and skeletal systems.
Apart from imparting numerous functional benefits, it is also recommended for those with asthma, bronchitis, thyroid, diabetes, spondylitis and voice disorders.

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