Yoga Pose Bakasana (Crow Pose) For Strong Arms And Toned Abs

Bakasaana comes from the Sanskrit word “baka” and is translated as crow pose. Initially some of them find it difficult to do this pose, but regular practice of this pose will make it easier to do this pose.


Makes the wrists and the arms stronger

Builds confidence and healthy self awareness

Improves your sense of balance and focus

Strengthens and tones the abdominal region

Opens the groin area

Strengthens the inner thighs

Strengthens the spine

Aids in digestion

Streteches the upper back

How To Do:

Begin by squatting in garland pose(malasana which has been shown on my previous article). In malasana, plant your feet wider than hip distance apart on the mat, squatting with knees bent and toes pointing slightly outwards.

Stretch arms in front of you. Bring them together in prayer pose. rest upper arms against the insides of legs. Press legs apart with arms to open up your hips.

Work arms down shins until legs are nestled against armpits. Plant palms in front of your , less than hip distance apart. Spread fingers wide. Point middles finger forward. Bend elbows straight backwards.

Raise up onto balls of the feet and lean forward, resting body weight on upper arms. s you transfer more weight onto them, make sure to distribute it evenly through fingers to avoid putting stress on your wrists.

Exhale and lift your feet off the mat, so you are balancing only on your arms. Squeeze your inner knees into outer arms to keep your hips high. Look forward.

If you are comfortable in the pose, inhale and straighten your arms.

Breath and hold the pose.

Exhale and, with control, lower your feet to the mat. Bring your palms together and come back into malasana.


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