Surya Namaskar- A Complete Yoga Exercise For Healthy Mind And Body

Surya means the sun and Namaskar means salutation. Surya Namaskar or sun salutation is a gesticulation of showing gratitude to the sun. This is a set of 12 dynamic exercises that helps to keep your body in shape and mind calm and healthy. Surya Namaskar improves the breathing capacity and fill one with the feeling of endurance and exhilaration. when performed in the morning, it revitalizes the body and refreshes the mind, leaves to feel energetic throughout the course of the day. the postures help to unwind when perform them in the evening. Cyclic movements of Surya Namaskar with its controlled breathing, back bends, forward bend, stimulating and calming postures, and offers many health benefits.
Though there is no ideal date prescribed to start Surya Namaskar, thus any day can be a better day to start with, but has to be sincerely practiced everyday with concentrated mind on regular basis, preferably in the morning or evening at interval of 24 hrs. This yoga should be done empty stomach or do not eat anything at least for five hours prior to Surya Namaskar. Following are the procedures for performing Surya Namaskar.

1. Stand with your feet together and firmly grounded with equal weight on both feet, inhale and exhale, bring your palms together at the center of your chest.

2. Inhale and take your arms up and back, arch your back bring the pelvis forward, with your head between your arms and your palms facing each other.

3. As you exhale, stretch forward from your hips, and then bend your upper body down from the waist, to bring your hands on the floor, your toes and fingers in line, and your forehead touching your knees. If you do not have that kind of flexibility yet, its okay to bend your knees to reach down, but try to keep you back .as straight as possible, not rounded, as you fold down from the waist.

4. As you inhale, take your right knee on the ground, toes pointing out. Your left knee and ankle should be in line and your palms on the floor.

5. Retain your breath and take your left back to the plank position. your hands underneath your shoulders, look ahead at the floor one foot away from you.

6. As you exhale, bring your knees, chest and forehead down on the floor into ashtanga Namaskar or the eight point salute (eight parts of your body touch the floor (feet, knees, hands, chest and forehead) Your elbows are close to your ribs, lifted off the floor.

7. As you inhale, keep your hands firmly grounded and elbows close to your ribs and slide your upper body up, and look upwards. Your shoulders should be away from your ears, your chest open and toes pointing out.

8. As you exhale, tuck your toes and raise your hips pushing the upper body, keeping your heels on the floor. Keep your knees straight and faced downwards with your eyes on the naval region. Lift your heel off the floor a little.

9. As you inhale , put your right foot (beginners may drop the left knee on the ground first and then put the right foot forward for the extra support and ease of movement). Your left knee should stay on the ground, with toes pointing out.

10. As you exhale, put your left foot forward between your hands, fingers and toes in line and head to you knees.

11. As you inhale take both your arms up to stretch forward up and back.

12. As you exhale, bring your palms to your heart’s center. Now repeat the same pattern, except in step 9, bring your left foot forward instead of your right. After a few rounds, stand with your feet apart, arms by your side, and breathe deeply, making your exhalations longer than your inhalations. calm your heart down, then slowly lay down to rest, in shavansana (corpose pose) for 5-10 mins.

It is useful for the people of all ages from kids to old people and considered a complete body and mind workout. This yoga will give you fantastic results with zero investment.
These yoga should be avoided by persons suffering from high blood pressure , serious heart conditions. Pregnant women and those who are having other medical conditions should consult the doctor before doing this yoga.

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