Rabbit Pose (Sasangasana Pose) To Relax Mind And Body

Rabbit pose relieves tension in the neck , shoulders and back. It helps alleviate colds, sinus problems and chronic tonsillitis and through compression of the thyroid and parathyroid, rejuvenates those glands as well.


Improve the mobility of the spine and back

whilest extending the arms and shoulders.

It discharges pressure from the neck and back

This stance can mitigate depression and insomnia

It helps the blood to flow to the head

Increases elasticity of the spine while feeding the nervous system with fresh blood oxygen.

How To Do:

Take corner of the towel over each heel.
Place fingers inside with thumbs outside
Look down, chin on chest.
Suck your stomach in as you spine curves.
Keep the grip on your feet as your forehead touches your knees.
Top of your head will be touching the floor.
Inhale and pull on your heels. Exhale roll forward. Keep head to knee contact.
Maintain the pull on your feet with your arms straight.
Push down knees and shins. you will feel alignment n the floor.
Your spine will round down as your hips lifts up further while keeping the grip on your feet. Allowing you to safely hold in this position for a few seconds.
Breathe calmily.
Slowly release going out of the posture as you inhale, roll up and bring your hips to your heels.
Chin up last until you see yourself in the mirror
Relax and sit in normal position.


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