Marichyasana lll Yoga Pose For Healthy Body

Marichyasana lll is a very beneficial seated twist. Done correctly and regularly this asana will massage your digestive organs keeping them functioning at optimum levels, and help to whittle down your waistline, and leaves you feeling thoroughly stretched and vibrant after a practice.


Massages and tones the abdominal organs

Strengthens and stretches the spine.

Improves digestion releives constipation

Stretches the shoulders

Releives stress , helps to cure depression

Helps to relax the whole body, calms the mind.

How To Do:

To begin, take a seated position on the floor and stretch one leg out straight in front , bend the other leg and place that foot on the floor outside of the knee of the outstretched leg as shown above.

Lean back on one arm and hand , bring the opposite arm across your chest , placing the elbow on the outside the knee of the bent leg. Inhale and slowly twist , using your arm against the knee to push for greater twist.

Exhale as you untwist , repeat several times, moving slowly. Switch legs and repeat

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