Importance Of Pranayama For Healthy Mind & Body

Pranayama is a Sanskrit word for ‘mastery of life force’. Pranayama means “a pause in the movement of breath”.In simple word, Pranayama means regulating or controlling the breathing. Pranayama is an ancient part of perform yoga postures practice, the fourth part of the eight fold yoga described in the yoga sutra of patanjali. Pranayama is concerned with breathing and posture. Research has shown that practicing of the pranayama can relieve symptoms of asthma.It is also beneficial in treating stress related disorders, such as anxiety and depression. Pranayam supplies oxygen to the entire body, and exercises the lungs, the stomach and its surrounding organs.

Benefits Of Pranayama:

Physically pranayama appears to be a systematic exercise of respiration, which makes the lungs stronger, improves blood circulation, makes the man healthier and bestows upon him the boon of a long life.

Pranayama does not mean just breathing in , keeping the breathed air in and exhaling it. It also means establishing control on the entire breathing process, and maintaining mental equilibrium and concentration of mind.

Most of the people do not have the habit of breathing deeply with the result that only one fourth of the lungs is brought into action and 75 percent remains idle.

The inefficient functioning of the lungs affects the process of blood purification. It is for this reason that the importance of Pranayama has come to be recognized, for a healthy long life.

Several diseases can be averted by regular practice of Pranayama. Mental disturbances like excitement, anxiety, fear, anger, and disappointment can be calmed down by regular practice of pranayama.

Another benefit of Pranayama is that by its regular practice, habit of deep breathing is developed which results in several health benefits.

The regulation of breath(pranayama) gives to body lightness and turning away of the senses from material objects.It increases the spiritual power and confers cheerfulness and inner peace.

Falling of the hair or the appearance of wrinkles on the face at young age, diminution of eyesight etc are all minimized.

The face becomes bright , luminous and calm.

Pain in the joint vanishes.

Memory improves.

The digestive system improves.

A calming of excitement, anxiety, fear , anger, disappointment and other mental states.

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