Importance Of Mudras To Keep Body Healthy

Mudra are developed forms of asanas, they are also very important. This whole universe has been constituted by five element. Our body has also been made from the union of five elements. The five fingers in our hand reperesent the five elements. The thumb represents fire, index finger- air, middle finger- space, ring finger- earth and the little finger- watwer. The body remains healthy if the five elements are in balance, whereas any disturbance in this balance resukts in disease. According to the science of mudras, the coordinated action of these five elements controls the internal glands, body parts and their functions are regulated and the dormant powers of the body are awakened.

Gyan Mudra– This mudra improves concentration and memory, better meditation, brain nerves become strong.It helps to release stress and release tress and decreases blood pressure.

Udan Mudra– This mudra cures the imbalance or blockage of nerve impulse in the region of throat. It makes prana flow freely. It also improves stammer and defective speech.

Prana Mudra– By doing this mudra body becomes active, healthy and energetic. This mudra cures eye problem and improves eye- sight.It also enhances body immunity.

Vayu Mudra– This mudra is useful in vayu (air) related problems- gout arthritis, joint pain, paralysis, Parkinson’s, sciatica, knee pain and gas formation. It provides relief in neck and Spine pain. Useful in disorders relating blood circulation.

Apana Mudra– It helps to get rid of toxins, problem related to kidney, teeth trouble, piles and constipation.

Prithvi Mudra– Keep the tip of the ring finger at the root of the thumb and press it with the thumb, it balances the body, reduces weight and obesity and increases heat in the body which helps in reducing stress, enhancement in the body strength, reduces weight, cholesterol and help in proper digestion, Liver problem and diabetes.

Apaan Vayu Mudra– It makes the body healthier and fit. It is useful in heart and vata dosha related problems. Provide relief in the event of a heart attack and also useful in eliminating headache,asthma and high blood pressure. It provides comfort if performed 5-7 minutes climbing stairs.

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