How to Release Tension in Back, Shoulder and Neck with this Yoga Exercise

Stretching Yoga Exercises to Release Tension from Back, Shoulders, And Neck

Many people hold tension in their neck, shoulders and back leading to stiffness, bad posture, and tension.  Yoga practice can ease tension, increase flexibility and tone the muscles.  Doing yoga poses will make your back, shoulders, and neck more flexible and your circulation improves dramatically providing a renewed burst of energy.  Now, you too can free yourself from neck pain, back pain, and shoulder pain by practicing simple yoga exercises to stretch muscles and strengthen weak ones and by learning to properly align your body when performing everyday activities that may be contributing to your pain.  

Here is a mini yoga set that can help release tensions. You can do them at home or at work, especially if you are working in front of the computer all day.

Spinal Stretching

This exercise is good for the back, opens up the ribcage and is wonderful for improvements in breathing.Yoga pose for spinal stretching

  • Sit in easy pose with your legs crossed.
  • Take hold of your outside ankles with both hands. (if you prefer sitting on a chair place your hands flat, palms facing down on your thighs.)
  • Inhale as you flex your spine forward and lift your chest up, arching your back forward.
  • Exhale as you flex your spine backward and tilt your pelvis back.
  • Keep your head and chin level while keeping your neck still.
  • Continue this movement 1-3 minutes.
  • Relax and rest for a couple of minutes.

Back Release

This pose releases shoulder tension, upper back pain, and relieves pain in the neck.  It opens your heart to release tension and improve circulation.  A great pose you can do everywhere and anytime.Yoga poses for shoulder tensions

  • Sit in easy pose or on a chair, with your spine straight.
  • Take your hands behind your back, interlace the fingers.  
  • Straighten your arms and pull your hands down towards the base of the spine and try to press your elbows together.  
  • Breathe long and deeply.  
  • Continue sitting in this pose for 1-3 min.  
  • Relax and rest for a couple of minutes.  

Neck Rotation

This exercise relaxes the muscles in the neck and throat. It opens up the circulation to the brain.  Activates pineal gland, pituitary gland, and the thyroid.Yoga pose neck rotation

  • Sit in easy pose or on a chair with your spine straight.
  • Begin rolling the neck slowly clockwise in a circular motion.
  • Relax the jaws and the shoulders remain relaxed and motionless, and the neck should be allowed to gently stretch as the head circles around.
  • You can imagine drawing a circle with your chin in front of you with a smooth and relaxed motion.
  • If you have problems and pain in your neck, draw a smaller circle and expand it until it feels comfortable.
  • One direction takes 10 seconds and after 10-15 laps reverse the direction and continue for another 10-15 laps.
  • Bring the head to a central position and relax.

 You can do these poses at work and at home to release muscles tension for immediate relief.  These exercises also increase the flexibility of back, shoulder, and neck.  So add these effective yoga poses to your daily routine.

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