Great Yoga Pose Malasana (Squat) Pose For Healthy Body

Malasana is the yoga squat that is a great hip opening asana that also promotes balance and strength.This pose stretches the ankles , groin and back torso. Single asana practices can be beneficial but bringing in some counter poses and flows to your practice increase the benefits , help build strength, poise and confidence, and bring about relaxation and a sense of joy and peacefulness.


Opens your hips and crotch.
Extends your lower legs, lower hamstrings, back and neck.
Creates blood dissemination in body and in addition center muscle quality.
help from minor backache  and sciatica torment.
Diminishes midsection fat and make the internal body quality.
It lessons weariness and tiredness.

How To Do:

Stand in mountain pose which is just standing straight with your feet about hip width apart.

turn your toes slightly out to the sides and bend your knees slowly until you come down into a deep squatting position.

Move your chest forward a bit so that it is between the legs and reach your arms forward too.

Then straighten your back and even try to place your hands in a prayer position at your heart center. If you heels do not reach the floor this is quite normal.

If your feet are flat down deep keep them evenly pressed into the floor without rolling onto the sides of the feet.

Stay here for a couple o minutes.

This is how we used to sit before chairs.Feel the lovely stretch on the lower back in this pose.

It is also wonderfully grounding for the body and mind-earthing us from all electromagnetic charges.


While holding Malasana dont hold your breath, inhale slowly and deeply, exhale fully, to decrease any stresses the body and mind may be experiencing, undoing the lovely yoga energy we create.

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