Get Rid Of Stress And Relax Your Body By Yoga Pose- Makarasana (The Crocodile Pose)

Makarasana is a relaxing asana.The posture is called Makarasana as the body resembles the shape “makara”, which means “crocodile”. Makarasana is one of the easiest of all the yoga asanas for joint .It is a relaxation pose and gives relief from the spinal pain and rigid shoulders.It is also advised for getting relief from knee pain because in this asana you have to keep your entire leg straight, which ensures proper flow of blood to the knees.This exercise is beneficial in slip disc, cervical and sciatica. Especially useful in asthma, lungs related problems, and knee pain.This pose is best for relaxing after doing other asana.

How To Do:

Lie down on your stomach with the feel wide apart, feet pointing outward.
Bend both the arms and place the right hand on the left hand.
place the forehead on your hands.
Keep the eyes closed.
This asana is practiced for relation in all prone postures.

Benefits Of Crocodile Pose:

Promotes relaxation of the lower back.
helps in recovery of back problems.
Indicated for all orthopedic ailments.
Indicated to counter stress and anxiety.
Beneficial in cervical, slip disc ,spondylitis, sciatica.
Beneficial in all spine related problems.
very useful in Asthama, knee pain, and other lungs related problems.
Streches the muscles of legs and hips.


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