6 Face Yoga Exercises for a Slimmer Face

Face Yoga Exercises to Make Your Face Slimmer

Just like yoga for different areas of your body, yoga is also very beneficial for your face. Yoga creates magic on your skin.  By doing face yoga we can remove fat from our face and make our face leaner and youthful.  So, let’s start with six magical yoga exercises to make our face slimmer.

Smiling Fish Exercisehow to get rid of face fat with Face Yoga exercise

  • Firmly suck your cheeks inside your mouth and pucker your lips outward
  • Make a pose like smiling fish face
  • Maintain this position for 30 seconds
  • Take a break, breathe out, and repeat again
  • Repeat the cycle 10 times per session
  • Perform this exercise at least twice daily


Cheekbone Massage

  • Place your index and middle fingers on the depression under your cheekbones
  • Rotate them firmly in a clockwise motion
  • Keep massaging for 60 seconds. As per your comfort, you can extend the duration of massage to 1-2 minutes
  • Do this exercise whenever you can or at least twice every day


Air Blow Exercise

  • Close your mouth with your lips turned inward
  • Blow air into your mouth, Maintain this position for 30 seconds
  • Shift the air to your left cheek and hold for 10 seconds
  • Do the same with the other cheek
  • Repeat 10 times per session
  • Perform this exercise as many times as you can in a day
  • Do it at least twice daily

Kissing Ceilinghow to reduce face fat with face yoga exercise

  • Sit on a chair with your spine straight
  • Tilt your head back to whatever extent possible so that you face the ceiling
  • Pull your lips and blow air out from your mouth and make a pose as if you are kissing the ceiling
  • Hold for 10 seconds.
  • Then, come in normal position
  • Relax and repeat about 10 times
  • Do this set twice, or as many times as you can, every day
  • This exercise will firm your jawlines and will also tone down cheeks making them leaner


Chin Exerciseface yoga exercise for a slimmer face

  • Hold your face and neck upright
  • Close your mouth with your lips tight
  • Now lift your neck toward the ceiling for a second
  • Then bring it down again
  • Repeat this movement 20 times
  • Do this face yoga several times a day

Open Mouth exercise

  • Sit or stand in a straight posture (spine straight)
  • Keeping your lips closed, move your jaw as if you have chewing gum in your mouth
  • Deeply breathe in and breathe out while making a humming sound
  • Next, open your mouth wide with your tongue pressed against your bottom teeth
  • Hold this posture for 5 seconds, now breathe in and out again. This makes one repetition
  • Continue this for about 10 times at least once every day

If you do these exercises daily then you don’t have to spend money on expensive beauty products which have chemicals and may have side effects on your face.  Do these face yoga exercises and you will be amazed to see your toned and slimmer face in no time and in a natural way.

In addition, there are several more yoga exercises that can have a great benefit for your skin and eyes.  Learn about the yoga pose for eyes and yoga pose for perfect skin.

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