Different Warrior Poses Of Yoga Beneficial For Legs ,Arms And Core Muscles

The warrior pose one among st best yoga for reducing weight that toughens and tones limbs, back muscles thighs al together. It is miraculous yoga for people having back issues that’s too advantageous for stamina enhancement.
Virabhadrasana know as the warrior pose in English is a yoga pose that focuses on the leg and core muscles. The first of three warrior poses , this pose strengthens and stretches the calves , thigh and abdomen.
In Hindu mythology, the warrior pose is named after the fierce warrior Virabhadra. This poses helps center your balance, focus and determination.

Increases flexibility of the hips, legs, and groin

Strengthens shoulders, arms and muscles of the back.

Enhances balance and stability

Tones  abdominal and core muscles

Relieves backaches and sciatica.

Extremely beneficial in case of frozen shoulder.

Improve balances in the body, helps increase stamina.

Releases stress in the shoulder very effectively in a short span of time.

Beneficial for those with sedentary or desk bound jobs.

Bring auspiciousness, courage, grace and peace.

Warrior Pose 1:

Step your left foot back and turn toes out at a 45 degree angle. Bend your right knee over the ankle. So you inhale, bring your arms up over your head. Arch your back slightly. Hold and breathe deeply for five seconds.

Warrior Pose 2:

Warrior ll is a simple and popular yoga pose that helps center your balance, focus determination. Its one of the several poses that brings a variety o movement to your routine, benefiting you both physically and mentally.
while standing, take a step forward of about one meter. Turn the left foot about 30 degrees with the right foot’s toes pointing the front of the mat. Raise both arms parallel to the floor to about shoulder height. Face the palms down and bend the right knee such that your right shin and the right knee form a right angle .This pose stretches your, hips, inner thighs,chest, shoulders, core, legs and arm. This powerful pose will grant you long lean, toned arms and legs, as well a firmer core.

Warrior Pose 3

This variation of the warrior involves balancing on one leg with arms extended forward, palms together, suggested a loosed arrow. One can also see the progressive rotation of the pelvis from facing the front in warrior ll to turning toward the side in warrior l to turning to be the square with the floor in warrior lll.
these warrior yoga poses will tighten your muscles and will tone your legs strengthening your body.



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