Complete Body Fitness Yoga – Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga is very specific 90 minute series of 26 yoga postures and breathing exercises taught in 105 degree heat. Each pose is a challenge based on personal abilities, each pose addresses a certain area of the body, offering specific and powerful health benefits. The class is designed for beginners as well as for those students who have a regular practice.

Not only really does Bikram yoga postures allow you to look and feel years younger, and healthy, however it lends your body great well being. That works like magic because it facilitates the body to realize its entire potential regarding fantastic wellness.

Bikram yoga promotes your system to help obtain every last atom of nutritive benefit through the food you now on.. to get every second of refreshment as well as relaxation from your achieve often rid of minor aches and pains, the power to be able to sleep deep and wake up rejuvenated that will make the variation out of feeling “pretty good” to experiencing “terrific”.
Bikarm yoga posture facilitate all of your muscles and bones as well organs to perform at their maximum potential. Bikram yoga postures induce towards maximum efficiency the actual hidden ability of one’s body to toss off the blast of disease which which influence so many people we know and really like.

Weight Loss
Bikram Yoga is excellent for weight loss. your digestive system and metabolism will improve, normalizing your appetite and diminishing unhealthy cravings. Your cardiovascular system is worked and strengthened. Bikram yoga is know for burning anywhere from 500 to 1000 calories a session.

Skin And Beauty
Watch your face and skin develop “the bikram glow” as your eyes become brighter and your skin becomes more clear and soft. As you sweat , your pores are opened and cleaned allowing natural lanolin to release through the pores, softening and preserving your skin’s elasticity.

Bikram yoga can be a perfect complement to the lifestyle changes necessary to help keep diabetic symptoms in check. Recent research has found that performing bikram yoga on regular basis can decrease blood sugar levels.

Stress, Anxiety & Depression Management
Mental stress and strain is the cause of all diseases, even infectious ones. when performing the bikram yoga the fight or flight response s turned off and a feeling of balance well is replaced. A regular practice can lower cholesterol levels, calm the mind, increase mental clarity and release and reduce stress and depression.

Blood pressure
Unstable high blood pressure can respond very quickly to regular bikram yoga practice. That pressure will be normal or close to normal and will stay there as long as you continue your yoga regimen.

Breathing Problem
the heat promotes relaxation of the muscles and nerves, and you can work with as much intensity s appropriate for your needs. Bikram yoga will relax your mind and help let go of toxins and strengthen your heart and lungs, improving your lung function. You will breathe easier and deeper than you ever have before.

Thyroid Regulation
Many of the postures in bikram yoga compress and work the thyroid thus helping to regulate the gland balancing thyroid levels, along with thyroid regulation comes increased energy , weight loss and better metabolism.

Many people experience quick relief from arthritis after only a few days of bikram yoga. A combination of the heat and the moving twisting, extending and compressing of every joint can alleviate arthritis. A regular practice is necessary for continued relief.

Back Pain
Bikram yoga has helped countless numbers of people with back pain stiff necks, headaches, scoliosis, herniated disks and many other back problems. The bikram yoga series work the spine in every direction with many beneficial back ends, creating a healthy spine and thus a healthy nervous system.

Anti Aging/Preventative Medicine
Bikram yoga acts as anti aging and preventative medicine keeping the body young and healthy. Yoga maintains youth long. It keeps the body full of vitality, immune to diseases, even at old, old age.

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