Cat Pose Yoga (Bidalasana) To Improves Flexibility Of The body

The cat pose, or bidalasana , is a pose that helps increase flexibility in your spine. When practiced regularly, this pose can help alleviate back pain. It also stretches your neck and helps to stimulate your abdominal organs.


Stretches the spine, back and abdomen muscles.

stimulates organs including gastrointestinal tract.

Opens up the lungs and chest. Aids breathing

Relieves lower back pain.


How To Do:

Start on all fours , in tabletop position on the mat. Plant palms and knees shoulder and hip distance apart.Spread fingers wide, with your middle fingers pointing straight forward.

Point your toes and press the tops of your feet into the mat. Ensure that your thighs are perpendicular to the floor.

Lean forward slightly, so that your shoulders are directly above your wrists. Externally rotate the arm by turning your elbow joints outwards so that your elbow creases face forwards.

Flatten your back into a neutral position.

Exhale. Scoop your tailbone towards your navel, gradually rounding your back. Keep your arms and thighs perpendicular to the ground (dont bend your elbows).

As you round your back , let your chin drop naturally towards your chest and gently expand your shoulder upwards.

Inhale and return to a neutral back and tabletop position. Alternatively, transition immediately into cow pose.



It you have back or neck problem, talk to your instructor before performing the pose
Avoid stretching your body beyond certain limit.
If suffered with knee pain/injury, do not practice this pose.

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