Best Yoga Pose for Strong Arms And Core-Vasisthasana (Side Plank Pose)

Tone those biceps and triceps in just minutes with this amazing pose of yoga for arms and core. Before I start practicing yoga I was super self conscious about my arms- they were flabby and untoned. But they are now a favorite asset. Thanks to amazing yoga poses.These poses utilizes every part of the arm while also working the chest and back muscles.So you get all around toning (including bra bulge region) repeat these poses at least three or four times a week for the fastest results.

Now you will love your arms not only because they have great definition, but also because you can hold yourself up in challenging poses, carry heavy grocery bags and swing your kids around. Strong is beautiful!

Benefits Of Vasisthasana

Targets fat in thighs, upper arms and hips,
Strengthens shoulders
Improves balance and concentration

How To Do:

Rock forward to plank position. Place the right hand a couple of inches towards the center of your mat, slightly out in front of your right shoulder,keep your right leg straight as you roll onto the outside of your right foot.

Keep your right elbow crease pointed toward to top of your mat, while drawing your right shoulder blade down, press the heel of your right hand into your mat.
Stack your left foot directly on top of your right foot and flex your feet, reaching your toes toward your chest.

Take the left arm up toward the ceiling, reach through the fingertips, relax your shoulders away from your ears and take your gaze up toward your left thumb. engage your core to lift your right hip away from the mat, tuck your tailbone and draw your lower ribs in.

Hold here for 3 breaths and change to the opposite side.


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