Best Pranayama To Relieve Anxiety & Stress -Bhramari Pranayama

In this immortal world, it is almost difficult to attain health and happiness completely. Most often we come across different people whose faces are sullen and depressed. There is something wrong with them. The answer is obvious. Problem in someone’s life. Everybody has zeal or passion to live his or her life happily that got diminished when he or she comes across different problems. Anxiety kills every little joint of pleasure one can cherish and leaves the body, mind and spirit in a confused state.

In such case Bhramari Pranayama has been proved as a natural remedy for keeping anxiety away.
Brahamari Pranayama balances the flow of breath in the body and restores complete balance and harmony and rejuvenates every tissue and cell in the body.  It is the best method to achieve concentration. It helps us relieve from hypertension.It helps in high blood pressure and heart ailments. It is defined as a group of different breathing techniques that helps achieve health and wellness. Bhramari pranayama is the excellent breathing exercise for releasing agitation, frustration and anger.It is the best breathing exercise in calming your mind.”Bhramari” is the type of “Indian Bee” and pranyama means breathing. In this type of pranayama when we exhale making a humming sound.It resembles the typical humming sound of bees. So you can understand why this breathing exercise s called as Bhramari Pranayama.


Close your eyes.
Close your ears with the help of index fingers.
Inhale deeply through nose.
Exhale slowly and in a controlled manner while making a deep ,steady  humming sound like a bee.
Feel vibrations in head region.

This complete one cycle.Repeat this 5 times.

One can easily perform bhramari pranayama everyday sitting in a relaxed posture, with the back straight. Doing it properly helps relieving from anxiety and stress.
Doing bhramari pranayama regularly helps people staying fit and healthy.

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