Benefits Of Yoga Pose-Parsva Bakasana (Side Crow Pose)

The yoga lies underneath the stretch, strength and struggle. It surrounds you by each breath and is waiting within each moment. So in this article I have brought again one amazing pose of yoga which is called as side crow pose which is the modification of crow pose. Initially you will feel difficult as compare to crow pose but by regular practice you can do this pose also easily.


Strengthens the arms and wrists

Tones the belly and strenthen s spine

improves balance and rinses internal organs

Key Alignment Points:

Plant your hands the width of your shoulders

Bend your elbow ninety degrees

Draw your shoulders back and extend your chest forward.

How To Do Step By Step:

From twisting chair pose, lower your hips

Plant both hands on the right side of your mat at shoulder width.

Bend your elbows into “chattarunga arms”

Place your right knee to your left triceps and your right hip to your right elbow.

Shift your balance forward and lift your feet.Gaze forward.

Advance your pose by lifting your right hip off your elbow and/ or extending both legs.

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