Benefits Of Yoga Pose Janusirsasana (Head To Knee Pose)

Here are the amazing benefits of this pose for complete body.


Releives lower and middle backache

Reduces stiffness in the neck.

Stimulates digestion.

Calms the mind and focal sensory system.

Extends your spine, back muscles, hamstrings and crotches.

Helpful for hypertension, sadness, and sleep deprivation.

Tones the kidneys and the abdominal organs.

Massages the reproductive and pelvic organs,improving their functioning.

Regulates mstrual flow and rellieves mentrual disorders.

Correct a prolapsed uterus.

How To Do:

Begin seated on the mat, with your legs extended infront of you in staff pose(dandasana). Flex your feet.

Bend your left leg and draw your heel toward your body. When your foot is above your right knee ( the higher the better), turn your left outward. Place the sole of your left foot against your right thigh.

Press your left thigh down into the mat and drop your knee toward the floor.

Plant your right hand outside your right thigh ans rest your left hand against your left thigh to turn torso gently to the right. Square your hips over your right leg.

Inhale. straighten and lengthen your spine to extend it upward. Press the bottom corners of your shoulder blades toward your heart center to bring your shoulders down and back. Splay the toes of your right foot to keep it active throughout the pose.

Exhale and bend over your right leg from the hips. s you bend, maintain the spinal extension and draw the lower belly into make room for your torso against your upper thigh.

Look at your toes. Draw your chest forward toward your shin, rather down toward your knee. this action will help prevent your back from rounding.The bend should always come from the hips, not from the waist.

Inhale. reach your left hand forward and , if possible, take hold of the inside of your right foot.

Exhale. Press your left thigh deeper into the mat to turn your torso further to the right.

Inhale.Reach your right hand forward and if possible, take hold of the outside of your right foot.

Breath and hold the pose. With every inhale recommit to the spinal extension, with every exhale recommit to the bend.

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