Benefits Of Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutation) For Body & Mind

You must have heard about the classical surya namaskar or sun salutation, nut not many know about the other side of it the Chandra Namaskar or the moon salutation. Like the former, this too comprises different postures for the right and left side, making a complete cycle. While Surya namaskar’s 12 postures chandra namaskar has 14 positions correlating to the lunar phases.The moon salutation has the opposite effect on your body than the surya is meant to soothe and calm your body, preparing you for a long and restful night’s sleep.
This set includes the Ardha Chandra asana as a part of it and involves the ida nadi which is cooling and relaxing. Breathing is more demanding when it comes to performing Chandra Namaskar. This includes puraka (inhalation), kumbhaka (retention) and rechaka (exhalation). There are some practitioners who also include the Balasana and Urdhva Mukha svanasana too. Moon salutation are useful when energy or temperatures are high and a tranquil. follow the steps mentioned on the image.


This should preferably be done at night when the moon is visible and , like most other asanas, should be empty stomach.
Those with hernia, high blood pressure, with a history of stroke, back problem, undiagnosed, sciatica, fever, heart disease etc should avoid theseasana.

How To Do Chandra Namaskar

Breathing is important in chandra namaskar. the arrow shows where you should inhale or exhale. Breathe normally if you are staying in the posture, otherwise move with the breath. Chandra namaskar has 28 steps. I have shown only half round ant the steps from 15-28 are the same except the lunge(posture 4,5,10 7 11) is from the other leg. A shortened version would be to do lunge with alternate legs. Follow the steps one by one according to the image with the starting point and do this poses for both legs which completes your one cycle of 28 steps. It is very important to see where you need to exhale and where to inhale. So see the arrow marked on image for inhale and exhale and follow accordingly.

Benefits Of Chandra Namaskar

Just like surya namaskar, it stretches your spine, works on your hamstrings and strengthens your legs, arms, back and stomach muscles.
Channelizes your lunar energy.
Cools and relaxes you-strengthen your back.
Brings mental clarity by oxygenating the blood more effectively.
Benefits all the visceral organs.

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